What is a PE?

My License Plate
My License Plate

A PE is a designation by the state and a license by TBPE. The state of Texas recognizes the experience and qualification of a Professional Engineer through their testing and criteria.

Our PE’s have responsibility for the engineering work we are retained for. The state recognizes our ability with such designation to provide services to the public.

In Texas, professional engineering started back in 1937 when 300 people died in a natural gas explosion in New London, Texas. It brought to light the need for professional engineers with ability and credibility. Currently there are 50,000+ PE’s licensed in Texas.

While many graduates of colleges across the country graduate with an engineering degree, it is illegal to put the title of Engineer on a business card in Texas. The words “Engineer” and “Professional Engineer” are reserved for those with a license.

While many large companies like Boeing don’t necessarily have PE’s, but do have many engineers working on their product, they tend to have product liability on the planes they build. However, the runways their planes land on need a PE to sign off.

The goal is to protect the public. The PE license provides confidence to the buyer of engineering services.

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