Happy Holidays

harleyNothing says, “Happy Holidays” like Harley Davidson motorcycle parts!

Well, at least for me. With the year winding down, I like to reminisce. All the hard work and great people I have been able to connect with go through my mind.

Right near the beginning of my company, we analyzed a brake rotor for an aftermarket catalog.  The pattern is really cool.  We looked at both the stress and heat effects, and it passed with flying colors! Those were some fun times and great memories for me.



I hope you have a great holiday season and a happy new year as you think about your own memories.

As you are thinking about the upcoming year, just determine, “I am going to have my best year ever in 2015!” I’ll be cheering for you!

For a fun challenge this holiday, try your hand at this problem, and let me know if you find the solution.



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