Engineering Careers

Working on the Meadows Analysis & Design team means that you embrace our core values.

These are important for how we work together to grow the business as well as meet our engineering client expectations.

You should welcome being accountable for results and enjoy working on a wide array of mechanical engineering problems, whether familiar or new. Thus, you must be committed to personal and professional growth.

The following are engineering jobs that we continually seek talent for:

Mechanical Engineer 

(with SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor Proficiency)

We look for mechanical engineers who are able to manage time and projects independently and who are accountable to their mechanical engineering manager. You would be a person who takes initiative to solve varying, custom problems in design, FEA and fabrication drawing output. You should be resourceful and able to communicate with your team members, manager and customer for updates as part of our customer service, as well as find resources to help you deliver projects that meet customer and management due dates.

Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities

  • Design parametric 3D solid models in SolidWorks and/or AutoDesk Inventor CAD programs.
  • Run FEA in SolidWorks and/or AutoDesk Simulation products.
  • Scope and communicate work requested from new clients.
  • Continually learn about new fields of engineering including pressure vessel calculations, analysis packages, and further insights into present design and analysis software.
  • Manage time and communicate to management and customers on status and expectations.
  • Understand and scope engineering problems to ensure client requirements are clear.
  • Efficiently use knowledge and resources to creatively solve problems.
  • Provide pleasant customer service experiences to encourage repeat and continual engineering projects.

Mechanical Engineer Skills

  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited college
  • 5-10 years of mechanical engineering design or manufacturing experience
  • Strong knowledge of CAD software and drafting procedures
  • Excellent time management and project management skills
  • Ability to work independently and accountable to management and engineering clients
  • Resourceful with tools, relationships, and engineering approaches to solve problems


Our engineers are partners in the business and work on continually changing projects. We want people that are self-motivated. This job’s benefits include:

  1. Work flexibility – managing home life with work life can be hectic. You have flexibility to manage your time. We focus on results and delivery to our customers.
  2. Project variety and experience in mechanical engineering design – you get to work on a wide array of engineering projects to gain both experience and insights. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be an EIT or P.E. as a mechanical engineer within our work environment.
  3. PTO – Your work and productivity are rewarded with paid time off earned monthly. We keep productivity and compensation transparent for you in our management systems.
  4. Opportunity to make $140K per year – With high productivity comes fantastic upside as a mechanical engineer. You can see your performance, productivity and contribution from your personal compensation based on efficiently delivering projects.
  5. Workplace environment and amenities at WeWork – You have an open workspace, quiet offices and wonderful amenities via the WeWork offices we have set up and manage. You have access to modern, rich common spaces and ongoing events.

Our engineering management partners with you by providing projects to work on, liability coverages, motivating workspace, engineering software, a network of vendor partners, engineering support and operational back office team members. This allows you to focus on providing excellent engineering work and ensure our clients are satisfied.

If you are a qualified candidate that would like the opportunity to help grow Meadows Analysis & Design in a wide array of mechanical engineering projects, feel free to fill out the form below.


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