coupling displacements.png

Our engineering team is working on a couple pressure scenarios to compare current conditions with possible field conditions on vessels. We are using the AutoDesk Inventor 2021 package to analyze the various displacements from provided scenarios.

Here is a local condition of a stressed half coupling which has shown up in the analyses after modeling beams and shells. We applied a higher pressure to a pre-separator section of a designed vessel.

The solid modeling and applied loads were done in a few days and our results are working. Our engineer on the job thought that the Inventor package was “A lot more streamlined workflow, better GUI than SimMech, but there was a learning curve to the Nastran module.

Part of our engineering partnering with our clients is to supply data and results as they require. If you have applications or engineering design and analysis projects, we can work with the solid models and report as required to help you fabricate with confidence on your designs. As mechanical engineering consultants we are incentivized to remain flexible while productive using our tools.

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