low angle view of electric post

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Our engineering clients often have structural supports that need to be analyzed for loads, dynamics and environmental forces. Some structures may be static holding heavy loads but have to withstand wind forces.

Other engineering problems require seismic design based on location and government requirements.

We perform engineering analysis using FEA and other calculation tools to provide assurances of performance for our clients.


Just an example of output calculations.



Another example of the kind of math that is run to perform analyses based on provided conditions.

Structures that are anchored to the ground may require anchor bolt calculations to substantiate or design the mounting conditions that will perform with respective safety factors.

Our team has collective and historical knowledge over many years with custom projects in:

  • Factory walkways and platforms
  • Windtower design
  • Utility poles and sign posts
  • Conveyor systems
  • Base beams
  • Airport walkway structures
  • Mixers and cyclonic separators
  • Metal fabrication equipment

If you need to understand how your structures need to be anchored and how they will withstand stress conditions, then having engineering analysis and calculations run will go a long way towards safety, reliability and performance. Run the math and analysis to ensure your designs do not surprise you in the field with undesired failures. It is well worth the collaboration and engineering due diligence.

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