Marc and Don enjoying time at Del Frisco’s.

Tomorrow, we are coming up to 17 years that Meadows Analysis and Design has been incorporated. Marc and I took a breather in the picture above in Fort Worth to enjoy each other’s company, talk business and set the direction for Meadows in serving our engineering clients.

I have known Marc a long time and being a Principal, partner and friend with Marc has made me appreciate a lot of the very qualities in Marc our clients and friends have come to know. I thought I’d take a moment to list a few I personally enjoy. Marc is a person who:

  • Generously gives of himself to help others
  • Enjoys working through the underlying problems of mechanical engineering challenges
  • Maintains professionalism and keeps standards for professional engineers as an important mainstay of his conduct
  • Likes to develop the engineers and designers on our team
  • Can make friends everywhere with anyone
  • Truly partners with our clients to get to the answer that satisfies them, even in complex, unclear work
  • Loves his wife and son deeply
  • Seeks to grow personally and integrate new knowledge into his life and work

Our partners, employees and clients have experienced these wonderful qualities of Marc and it’s a large reason that over the last 17 years we are rich in relationships and experiences.

In the daily grind of getting engineering projects out, meeting requirements and delighting clients, we can miss the underpinnings of what makes the life and work we have so rewarding and opportunistic.

We have a lot to be thankful for, and I wanted to take a moment to recognize how Meadows Analysis works in the world because of Marc’s founding and working qualities. Cheers to 17 years!

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