Our engineering team works with manufacturing companies and fabricators often times to find what is achievable to make. This often has parameters such as design feasibility, tooling, engineering costs, environmental conditions, expected performance and failure limits.

Recently, we calculated the section modulus of a cross-sectional extruded aluminum structure within engineering design requirements. The respective geometry, material type, tooling capabilities and wall thicknesses were considered for tensile and compressive load conditions.

We work closely with clients to understand what kind of engineering performance they are seeking along with the constraints and restrictions on the design. When we perform the engineering calculations, we can talk through the trade-offs on design based on the analysis or math results.

If further design work to strengthen a machine or fixture is required, we can work through geometric changes, recalculate and iterate on design performance for the client.

If you are seeking to fabricate or redesign a machine or structure, connect with us to see where such calculations as section modulus or other vital engineering geometric property is at and what we can do to optimize your design for your application in the field.

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