Engineering Onsite Travel

moadWe understand that there are mechanical engineering projects which require support with onsite engagement and collaboration. Our team at Meadows Analysis & Design largely spends time calculating equations, running FEA Analysis and designing machinery in CAD.

We have an ongoing and continuous pipeline of engineering projects that our team is tasked with to meet requirements and deadlines.

When our customers require travel for:

  • Forensic engineering investigations
  • Measurements and design parameter requirements
  • P.E. certifications of machines and structures
  • Pre-sales mechanical engineering RFP project scoping, job costing and advising
  • Project management and requirements definition

we seek to pass on our engineering costs for the travel via a T&L estimate which can be approved and paid to partially cover our lost productivity and time. We send this through our proposal system for approval before making arrangements for traveling to your requested site.

Of course, much of our work happens within online meetings, phone/email or at our engineering offices in Fort Worth.

If you do need such onsite engineering support, simply let our engineering management know and we can arrange for the appropriate resources per your approved T&L.

You can contact us by filling out the following form:

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