Our engineering work has an endless set of custom applications, especially within manufacturing production and machine design scenarios.

An example of a functioning piece which required stress and displacement analysis is the above 14 inch diameter jacketed through screw feeder. We used ASME Section II standards to examine performance from A36 carbon steel weldments. Our job was to provide the maximum allowable jacket stress.

In our analyses, we found maximum local Von Mises stress of 18.5 ksi. This provided a 1.94 safety factor based on our constraints including 300 degrees F and 45 psig test conditions.

Based on loading conditions, we found hot spots at the corner of the baffles that were temporary based on initial loading. Our engineering recommendations were part of our findings and reporting.

We like to share generalized projects. The details are much more specific in our client communications, reporting and dialogue. But here’s a high level just to provide further insights into how our engineering team analyzes stress and displacement within the context of rigorous production environments.