ESI Group’s IC.IDO assembly simulation demo at Meadows Analysis headquarters.

We had some fun with our partners at ESI Group that works with high end simulation software with large manufacturers in defense, aerospace and automotive. Virtual reality has a lot of hype in the consumer world. ESI has an offering called IC.IDO that they demo’d with us at our offices in Fort Worth to show off how assembly simulation can be manipulated and modified.

How parts might go together in an assembly as well as manufactured within constraints such as degrees of motion or work ergonomics is expensive to experiment with. In a virtual reality environment, we can move parts in and out and simulate robotics, automation and tooling that would affect how parts would come together.

Furthermore, manufacturers can address safety concerns and use simulation to optimize the manufacturing flow.

The above pic is on our large interactive screen in our conference room with consultants from ESI and we were able to play around with a the engine mounts, movements, testing and range of motion using cross-sectional dynamic views for an industrial truck.

Fun stuff to look at in our mechanical engineering projects and the whole variety of problems we are presented in the course of a work week.

We simulate movement, stress analysis and can now explore completely immersive experiences to get a feel for mechanical assembly and worker ergonomics in projects requiring such analyses.

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