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Our mechanical engineering team can visit with you at our offices at 5049 Edwards Ranch Road, Floor 4, Fort Worth, TX 76109 or anywhere in Dallas and Fort Worth to review your engineering requirements.

We provide mechanical engineering design and analysis services for the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex working with manufacturers, fabricators, enterprises and machine design teams.

Our team of engineers has worked on projects with heavy machinery, oil and gas, factory equipment, cranes, trailer manufacturing, industrial applications, and tooling and fixturing.

We are licensed P.E. professional engineers in Texas and support our clients with a Texas stamp.

If you would need help with mechanical engineering consulting services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please fill out the form below and we would be glad to review your requirements and provide an estimate to help you with your engineering projects:


Mechanical Engineering Support for Your Staff

Our team provides a variety of mechanical engineering services including finite element analysis (FEA), 3D solid modeling, and engineering calculations with reporting with a P.E. certification. Often our clients in Dallas and Fort Worth have resources for program work including design and manufacturing of new products for the marketplace. When there is a need for more mechanical engineering expertise or help that may not have been available as a resource, we help your staff engineers with the specific problems they are seeking to solve.

Over the years, we have developed an efficient method to help our clients which can be found in our engineering methodology here. We share knowledge internally with our systems and history of projects since 2000 (over 19 years) and apply our insights to your specific, current engineering challenges.

We also work collaboratively with file sharing, design reviews and emails to ensure you receive the engineering result you are seeking and we support you as required for the production of your manufacturing or field applications.

Furthermore, we are often at your facilities or in your field sites to review the design, engineering failure or application context to understand the requirements such as range of motion, load limits, engineering fatigue or liabilities and failure modes that may be part of your requirements.

Design Engineering and Fabrication

Our team runs engineering software and hardware to support your fabrication requirements. We use 3D solid modeling as a SolidWorks design engineering firm as well as AutoDesk Inventor for those clients which require their solid models be designed accordingly.

We can work with your respective fabricator of choice and collaborate on the engineering based on their manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, we can provide the files and 2D drawings the fabricator needs to make the parts and assemblies we design based on your requirements.

We conduct design reviews with you during our engineering design process as well as provide support upon shipping the project afterwards in case any adjustments or modifications within our agreed upon scope is required.

Finite Element Analysis and Reporting

Whether you need to optimize a design for failure analysis or certify load limits on a crane, structure or machine, we can use finite element analysis to calculate the stress in your engineering use case scenarios. We provide a report with the executive summary and calculations to validate, certify or reveal a design status.

Furthermore, we can certify the engineering report we provide with our Texas P.E. mechanical engineering stamp.

We work collaboratively with you to understand the use case, maximum load conditions and any other contributing forces on the FEA required. Our engineers set up the working models, apply the respective loads and constraints and run the analyses with our engineering computing systems.

If optimization is part of our project work, we can run scenarios and provide design optimization to help you strengthen your product or tooling by geometry, materials or reinforcement.

Mechanical Engineering Forensic and Expert Witness

We provide forensic analysis and expert witness services for mechanical engineering cases to support legal or insurance work. You can find a CV for Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness here for Marc Meadows.

Based on the requirements we receive, we provide a retainer agreement for expert witness services and keep time records for requested work. If there is engineering work to be done, we also capture the time and materials for providing findings with our engineering expertise.

Mechanical Engineering P.E. (Professional Engineer Stamp)

Many of our clients retain us for review of their designs and a Texas P.E. stamp to certify designs, performance and load limits. If you have projects which require a professional engineer to design or review the prospective or actual working assembly, part or machinery, we can provide a Texas P.E. stamp. Our current P.E. license list can be found in our professional registration list here. We maintain licensing in many different states and Canadian provinces.

We keep an archive of our work with a project number filing system complete with files and communications in case there is a need to reference past engineering project information.

Custom Trailer Manufacturing Design

Our team works extensively on custom trailer manufacturing for oil field and transportation applications. We have analyzed loads, vibration and fatigue as well as created specific production designs for hauling sand, heavy equipment and liquid vessels.

We work with our custom trailer fabrication partners to meet their specifications as well as create fabrication drawings that help with welding, assembly and cutting of metal to produce the end products for the specific applications.

Pressure Vessel Analysis and Design

For pressure vessel manufacturers we provide engineering design and validation services to look at wall thicknesses, nozzles, piping, skids and shell head designs. Our pressure vessel analysis work includes using Compress to input the variables of a pressure vessel design and what is required for meeting field requirements and safety factors.

We provide engineering calculations, an engineering report and P.E. stamp to help you produce the final products for your customers based on their applications.

Factory Cranes and Lifting Beams

Many of our industrial clients have factory cranes and lifting beams that need to be analyzed and certified for load limits against safety factor requirements. We gather the variables of your design or existing equipment. If we have to create FEA models, we work through our engineering analysis process.

Thereafter, we run analysis based on applied loads and conditions and deliver engineering load limits for the respective cranes or lifting beams based on their use case. Within factories, oil fields or any other industrial production environments, we can also make site visits to gather information, clarify requirements and integrate any other information that would contribute to our FEA analysis and certification.

Machine Design and Factory Tooling and Fixtures

For production environments that require everything from material transport, production tooling and fixturing, or new machines to be designed, we work intimately with your team to understand the functionality you require and can design machinery that meets your use case.

We can also analyze the machinery based on loads applied to optimize design for range of motion, functional output and repetitive work that is required. Your design and output is your intellectual property and we help support you if there are any upgrades or design iterations in the future on your equipment designs.

Enterprise and OEM Strategic Partnering

For enterprise and OEM partners that need flexible and contractual engineering support on projects, we can provide dedicated engineers to be a part of your program with a managed service agreement to outline our commitment, availability and support. Large-scale, long-term projects work well and we can participate in a project role based on your budget and timeframe for delivery of your products you might be developing or infrastructure you may be seeking to improve.

This arrangement provides continuity of professional services with regular billing based on what is scoped and delivered. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to use our talent for as long as you need based on your market demand and needs.

Visiting With You in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

We work nationally in the United States and Canada, however, our headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex often allows us for quick onsite visits to your facilities to review requirements, participate in engineering design reviews and advise on your engineering problems and projects.

We can drive to your facilities and take a look at your machinery or desired design goals. Furthermore, we can work with you and your local fabrication partners for both concurrent engineering work and design optimization.

We have traveled to factories, oil fields, industrial sites, customer application environments and other engineering companies to provide timely and responsive support.

Working Together as Partners

Our clients are our partners. We have many long-term relationships from years of working as an extension of our partners’ team. We would welcome the opportunity to start a business relationship with you. Simply fill out the form above and let us help you on a mechanical engineering project with our expertise, approach and support. Thank you.

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