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For mechanical engineering project work, we can visit at your offices or downtown near Union Station at WeWork, 1550 Wewatta ST, Denver, CO 80202

We provide mechanical engineering services in Denver, CO for engineering design, finite element analysis and P.E. certification. Our team of mechanical engineers provides engineering support, consulting and validation for your manufacturing or mechanical projects.

We work with small businesses as well as large manufacturers to help design products, tooling, fixturing and equipment. Our degreed mechanical engineers are consultants who continue to assimilate and grow in knowledge and trends through professional development and a large background in varying projects.

If you have improvements to make to your factory operations or field equipment, we can work with you on mechanical engineering design requirements and use stress analysis to understand your maximum load conditions.

If you would like help with your Denver mechanical engineering work, feel free to fill out the form below:

Stress Analysis

Our team of engineers can review your load conditions and use solid modeling to conduct finite element analysis for your mechanical stress conditions. Whether you are looking at failure modes or wanting to know the load limits of a machine, crane, trailer or industrial equipment, we can simulate the linear stress analysis conditions you provide and advise you on where to optimize your design or strengthen certain areas of your design.

We work as SolidWorks engineers for 3D solid modeling and stress analysis. We also use AutoDesk Inventor for clients requiring modeling and analysis in this software package.

Our team of engineers will provide an executive summary and engineering report sharing our calculations and conclusions. Based on your goals for performance and applications in the field, we will provide support to help you with your design and understand how stress affects your design.

Engineering Design Optimization

If your design such as a custom trailer, machine, or vehicle needs to be optimized for loads, range of motion or design, we can perform analysis and design scenarios to optimize geometry, material thicknesses and weights to provide you with mathematical scenarios and tradeoffs based on different designs.

Furthermore, our engineering software can provide insights on the optimal scenarios based on your design constraints. We provide our engineering expertise and opinions to help with suggested design optimizations and your knowledge of your performance criteria and industry.

Mechanical Engineering P.E. Professional Engineer Certification

Many times, a machine, crane or fabricated assembly needs to be certified by a mechanical engineer with P.E. We are a Colorado P.E. mechanical engineer stamp and can review your designs, analysis or calculations to help with engineering validation of designs.

If your engineering design requires review, we can check your calculations or run our own analysis to validate your machine design, pressure vessel analysis, crane certification, and many other heavy machinery designs.

After we receive all of your information with considerations, functionality and limits, we can provide a Colorado engineering P.E. stamp or for many other states as well if your project extends beyond Colorado. Our responsibility is to provide safety for the public and validation of your designs to help you confidently implement your engineering solution for its requirements in the field or marketplace.

We maintain continuing education and certification of our P.E. credentials and help our mechanical engineering clients to have our certification supporting their engineering projects for assuredness.

SolidWorks Professionals and AutoDesk Inventor

Our team uses a variety of engineering software tools as well as resources to provide engineering calculations.

We do our 3D solid modeling in SolidWorks and share out the part, assembly and BOM files with our clients. You own the information. We spend many hours designing engineering assemblies with fabrication drawings in SolidWorks. If simulation or FEA is required, we will prepare the solid models for constraints, loads and use cases with findings on the results.

We also provide solid modeling and engineering stress analysis in AutoDesk Inventor. Our engineering team can provide solid modeling, FEA and fabrication drawings using this competitive platform for parametric modeling as well.

If you have existing parts and assemblies you want us to evaluate in an engineering project, you can send those in these formats or STEP to review dimensioning, fits, assemblies, etc. We seek to remain flexible and help our clients with the tool of their preference to solve their mechanical engineering challenges.

Manufacturing and Fabricators

Many of our engineering clients over the years are manufacturers. If you need help with tooling, fixturing or designing your products, we have many years working with manufacturers on projects to help meet requirements, regulations and specs.

We work closely with fabricators that are bending and shaping metal to ensure fit and function on engineering designs that have to be produced and work consistently in the field.

Furthermore, our engineering process involves driving clarity with engineering design reviews, concurrent engineering and support for field applications.

We seek to be a strong engineering support piece to your manufacturing and fabrication goals while exchanging knowledge on our engineering know-how with your manufacturing experience.

Machine Design

If you have custom machinery you would like to design or upgrade for factory, field and industrial applications, our engineers work with you through a design process to meet your use case requirements. We can design the solid models and produce 2D drawings for fabrication as well as work with your parts fabricators to ensure your machine works as desired.

We often collaborate with our clients to update solid models and drawings with revisions based on feedback, fit and engineering performance.

Your machine design is owned by you and any future upgrades can be scoped and done in future project work. We save all engineering information in case you need it for reference later as well.

Cranes and Lifting Mechanisms

If your factory needs certifications on cranes, hoists, beams and lifting mechanisms, we can analyze maximum load conditions and provide engineering certification based on safety factors for your cranes to be used for material handling and movement of heavy loads.

Furthermore, any structures, walkways and platforms can be reviewed for safety and load limits by our engineering team to certify your manufacturing environment with engineering reports based on analysis.

Oil Field and Gas

We have supported oil and gas companies with designs in pressure vessels, base beams, cranes, lifting and hoists, and custom vehicle design. There are many mechanical engineering projects for oil and gas companies and we can review your safety and design requirements to help you improve onsite performances as well as provide ongoing support where it is required for engineering review.

We have also designed conveyor systems and high pressure applications for oil and gas for loads, stresses and failure modes. If you have field requirements that need engineering review and safety advising, we would be happy to work with your team as well as visit onsite to understand engineering constraints and requirements specific to your field production goals.

Master Service Agreements

Many times, you have more projects than people to help with and it is hard to staff up. Our team can provide ongoing outsourced engineering with master service agreements defining how we can move your projects along towards their respective goals. We can participate with dedicated engineers to be a part of project planning and reviews or work in a highly specific and functional role for ongoing programs requiring mechanical engineering help.

We can define our role within the service agreement and keep a responsive, service-oriented workflow and communications to provide mechanical engineering as you require. Based on the engineering service agreement, we can define the retainer, timeframe, expectations and budgets to fit your expectations. We seek to help create more resource for you so you can focus on your internal priorities and responsibilities.

Denver Engineering Forensic Expert Witness

We are also able to provide expert witness and forensics for mechanical engineering cases involving lawsuits or insurance investigations. Whether your insurance agency or law firm requires engineering research, reporting or an expert witness, you can review our Principal, Marc Meadows and CV here. We can be retained for cases requiring expertise for failure, catastrophic loss, dynamics, and safety.

We provide unbiased, third-party review and testimony to support our forensic engineering clients.

Denver Mechanical Engineering Support

Our team can support you to review requirements, scope new engineering projects and collaborate on engineering validation, safety and design at our WeWork space in Denver, CO. Much of workflow is done with engineering workstations and collaborating by secure file sharing and email.

If required, we can arrange onsite visits at your Denver area business to gain insights and understanding to solve the engineering problems you are seeking.

While we work nationally with clients from many different industries, we seek to provide accessible, convenient and long-term mechanical engineering expertise to our Denver clients. It starts with a simple conversation, which you can do by filling out the form above.

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