We have some team members in classes on pressure vessel analysis and codes this week. Our value to our engineering clients is based on our experience, knowledge and skills to solve complex problems.

As an engineering consulting firm, we share knowledge and work as a team to help each other with the many unique, sophisticated engineering problems we are presented with.

Ultimately, we are always learning and that’s the life of an engineer. We have to keep growing personally in our skills and insights to be of value. It’s a career commitment and life habit of continuous learning.

When we speak with young engineers, even those still working towards their degrees in college, we emphasize how important continuous learning is to being of service. We don’t know everything once we get an engineering degree. In fact, we are just getting started in a big wide marketplace.

Coming out of an accredited school with an engineering degree helps us with the thinking tools to teach ourselves and learn the problem solving method.

It’s greatly satisfying to be helpful to our clients and the many challenges or engineering validation projects they need help with.

We increase in value by being committed to learning, staying curious and taking on new problems and perspectives.

In your own career, do you have a regular way of learning new methods, approaches and insights?