We got up front and personal on some of the fabrication of large pressure vessels for one of our engineering clients. They manufacture pressure vessels based on custom designs and requirements and our Meadows Analysis team works through ASME pressure vessel calculations, solid modeling, layouts, stress analysis and engineering drawings.

That’s Marc up there, hard hat and all, taking a look around a finished weld seam and modified flange inlet and outlet. This particular pressure vessel is ready for testing with a heat exchanger function built into the large design.


Sometimes, the scale of our work using engineering computers does not necessarily get reflected in the data files we collaborate on. Getting an appreciation for how raw materials are sourced, worked out and integrated towards a project workflow within our client’s manufacturing environment only helps us with context and problem solving on the engineering issues we are asked to solve.

Here’s Marc in front of a new build where rolled steel that has been seam welded has come into the work area for preparation towards an eventual pressure vessel design:


There are material handling cranes, movers, skids and forklifts everywhere to coordinate the welding, cutting and fabrication of the end product.

Some of our daily work to bring our engineering knowledge and expertise into the production environment and goals of our customers.

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