Depending on your existing column structures, supports can be designed and added to provide ongoing structural stability.

A mechanical engineering problem that is common is weakening of column supports for tanks, vessels, platforms and any other type of structure sitting on a column. Over time, such supports can weaken from weathering, fatigue or physical damage.

Our engineering team has been asked to analyze the limits or strength of existing columns supports as well as design a solution to enhance the strength of supports.

For example, if the thickness of metal has reduced because of corrosion over years, we can calculate the weight limits that are now true. From there, based on the required engineering load support required, we can redesign the columns for replacement or augment the current supports with bracing.

The goal is to restore or meet the requirement for mechanical integrity for your field application.

Working closely with your field personnel or fabricators, we can provide engineering designs that perform to your requirements.

If you have damaged columns or need help assessing the safety and support of your current column supports, we would be happy to review your equipment and machinery to determine if your requirements are being met.

Let us know if your column supports need an engineering assessment.

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