Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Finite Element Analysis and Design Engineering Services

Our Meadows Analysis & Design mechanical engineers work with manufacturing clients analyzing current designs with FEA, designing new heavy machinery and parts and validating engineering designs with P.E. stamps.

Discover how partnering with Meadows Analysis can help you:


Reviewing and analyzing your current machine designs for stress and functionality.


Validate your current designs with a P.E. mechanical engineering stamp for your required state or province.


Design and provide fabrication drawings to make your parts and assemblies with manufacturers.


Receive insights and advice with our 20+ years of business as a reputable mechanical engineering firm.

You’re one step away from partnering with Meadows Analysis to design, analyze and certify your machines. Complete the form to get in touch with our team.

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The Meadows Analysis team is extremely professional, the analysis is always accurate and of the highest quality. We appreciate our relationship with Meadows Analysis and have many projects to work together on in the future. Thanks!

Bill Mecke

Owner, KWS Manufacturing

Marc Meadows is a great engineer and a good friend and has built a wonderful team of engineers under him, I would recommend Meadows Analysis to anyone looking for a great engineering firm to help them.

Mark Schlichenmeyer

Director of Engineering, Custom Conveyor Corporation

Excellent experience! Responsive with prompt delivery = a solid foundation for continued service.
Carolyn Wester

Owner, Prentex