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We have worked hard the last 19 years to be great engineers and help our customers. We have worked on thousands of projects and have learned about a lot of engineering approaches. We bring our collective experience and insight to each new job. It is truly a privilege.

When our clients and friends give us a good referral, we feel extremely grateful, for it is a compliment to us.

Many times, our clients get to know us, our abilities and our care by working through specific and custom engineering work. Through that experience and process, likely repeated over and over, they get to know us and can see what we do and don’t do. We try to stay in our sandbox of engineering design and analysis of heavy machinery. Also, we try to stay flexible, but we seek to maintain strong, clear agreements so everyone wins.

When that kind of recognition happens through a referral, it means our value is recognized, and we feel respect. We know we have to maintain our client’s trust by referring their colleagues to us.

Recently, one of our long time clients spoke with a friend of theirs who needed engineering help. He connected us to work on an engineering redesign project. We felt honored and excited because the fit was great and we knew could help. The work was something we have done and are proficient in with our mechanical engineering talent.

We seek to do likewise with our large network of clients and vendors as well. When we hear needs, we connect people so they can help each other. It’s gratifying, and over the years that kind of consideration grows. It makes business fun, and the respect for each other’s work and business tends to grow.

Perhaps someone you know needs engineering help. We would love to help. Let us know who and how:

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