Our engineering analysis and design team at Meadows Analysis has had many years of experience on complicated and intensive problems as well as everyday work. Much of our work is project-based, while some of our expertise is ongoing in a retainer relationship.

Each engineering environment has its own requirements and we focus on partnering with a custom approach in our client relationships. Here is how we work with you:

  1. Set-up – We organize information, requirements and details about your desired work in our internal systems to prepare for approved engineering work.
  2. RFP – Based on your requirements and having the required goals, constraints and delivery we provide a quick proposal for rapid review and acceptance.
  3. Assigning Resources – Once you accept the RFP, our systems kick into action. We invoice you for payment, assign internal resources and capture your project within our engineering delivery systems.
  4. Engineering Scheduling – Our team works through the problem statement to ensure clarity and heavily collaborates to ensure the solution path is defined.
  5. Delivering Engineering – We spend the allocated time working on the solution whether via FEA, design or drafting work. Any further clarifications or requirements happen collaboratively with team members and clients. If there are requirements beyond our original agreements, we revisit those, respectively.
  6. Reviewing Engineering – We deliver and review the work and ensure we met the problem statement.
  7. Complete project – Our team concludes any internal documentation and archives the project information, work and communications.

Our goal is to lead and ensure clarity and communications along the way. Our methodology has been a mainstay for long-term engineering client relationships and we are always on a continuous improvement path to ensure our quality remains high to meet customer expectations.

If you have new engineering projects to explore, feel free to contact us. Thank you.