engineering design review

Our engineering team lives in a world of constant production and revisions. We have a lot of projects that are in flux, and it is so important to get feedback and visualize what the requirements and end results are.

One of the things we have set up in our processes is an easy way to visualize engineering analysis together. We use wireless HDMI and project from our computers onto a 70 inch screen. We can have design reviews internally to refine how we are meeting our client requirements or actually have clients on site to give feedback in the midst of our engineering process.

When we see any areas to refine, we can mark up right on the screen and use this as a snapshot to get clarifications with our vendors or our clients. It saves an immense amount of time and drives towards clarity.

We have created efficiency in our processes so that we can manage multiple projects and ideas quickly.

Think about having people with multiple ideas in a room and dialoguing around a visual that is clear.

It’s one of the important processes in engineering that we are continually  refining.

What are some ways you are doing engineering reviews?