Design Engineering Approach


We partner with our clients in a wide variety of applications and engineering challenges. Sometimes, the design engineering required has many pre-existing conditions. Other times we are starting from a blank canvas, and we can help create a new product, fixture, or replacement part or assembly to fit an industrial or market requirement.

Our design engineering methodology has been practiced from our thousands of hours of work with clients in many different fields. When we engage after a scope of work has been accepted, we like to work within our design engineering methodology:

  1. Research Requirements. Collaborating with you and your team to understand the parameters and constraints required by a successful design. We will benchmark with any current designs and compare to a future desired design.
  2. Consider Design. We collaborate and consider the trade-offs and benefits of a future design including fit and function as well as interaction with other mechanical components. We also explore the product lifecycle, manufacturing costs and the scalability of the solution.
  3. Design Assembly. We would build the solid models of the components and assembly with clearances and motion to meet the constraints and requirements discussed and agreed upon. The models may be prepared for prototyping if required.
  4. Testing Design. We would simulate the design and analyze if required for motion, stress and other analyses important to the design goals. If prototyping is a requirement, we would work with the respective company to deliver the prototyping for testing. This may be done at scale or a variation based on our collaboration to help us assess the design and functionality.
  5. Review Design. The testing will produce iterations and upgrades to the designs. We would assess trade-offs and modify the solid models for design.
  6. Deliver Prototype. With updated designs we would advise on materials selection and work to deliver a prototype with respective fabricators. We would assist in any testing scenarios and advise accordingly.

Our methodology helps to gather functional requirements and allow our engineering team to produce designs that meet your requirements. It is a collaborative process and our management of the approach helps to ensure expectations are clarified and met along the way.

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