I wanted to share a bit about a recent project on a large structure we analyzed. The drilling rig above had some parameters that we had taken a look at with the following load conditions:

  • 325 kips for pipe setback weight
  • 450 kips for rotary table load
  • 150 kips for derrick weight
  • 900 kips for block load
  • 112 mph wind load

Notice the setback pipe. This is the pipe that is stored next to the rig, and it is ready for re-introduction into the well. The maximum stress and deflection is 325,000 pounds from this pipe!


This is made up of 2-3 joints of pipe and saves technicians time by leaving it in close proximity to use again. It’s a better alternative to taking it apart and putting it on the ground.

The rotary table absorbs the load of the pipe string as it is drilling. The block load is a vertical load from lifting 900,000 pounds with the derrick block!

We have also analyzed the derrick, but not all at once.  Note that this is called a sub base and is modular in order to move it on standard flat bed trucks.





There is a sequence we use to approach the analysis based on collaboration with our clients and understanding of all the conditions.

I just wanted to share some insights into our projects and how we work the problems. Very fun stuff.

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