photo-1I have been hanging at The South Texas Oilfield Expo. I had been walking around for a while taking in the sites on equipment. There are so many cool innovations pushing the industry forward.

After wandering a bit, I was surprised to see something I was familiar with digitally. But I got to see it up front and personal.

It was so rewarding to see the work we did at Meadows Analysis in full scale with this full size trailer.

It is still so rewarding to see our design and analysis on our computer screens and hardware working in real life.

Some of our projects include designing liquid hauling trailers of several types including the ASME code rated tanks.

If you get to make it to an expo, it will help provide some great context, especially if you are designing parts and machinery.

If you want to see some cool designs in 3D, feel free to connect with me. We can talk about what you are working on or something similar.

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