A client came to me with some engineering issues. He had an idea, but was struggling with design of his goal post safety mechanism and he was sure that it was too heavy.

We lightened it up, designed a good fix to the safety mechanism, and made it our own design to create a new version that I was able to sign and seal. Now he was able to sell it to TCU.

So now after home game wins at TCU, and we are projected to have many, the fans can go nuts and the failsafes on the design should hold up.

Having engineering analysis and design that met the customer requirements has all kinds of applications. It’s fun to see some of our work on TV and know that we were able to have a hand in a feature.

If you are thinking about some safety considerations in heavy machinery, platforms or functional mechanical components, then it’s a good idea to apply some loads and conditions to what can happen in real life as well as extreme conditions. It’s looking ahead and anticipating using technology and engineering as a way to increase safety and performance.

What are some projects you are working on that could use some optimization?