jaytonOur engineering firm here at Meadows Analysis is celebrating Jayton Cagle’s recent accomplishment by achieving his PE from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE)! He is also now serving as COO of Meadows Analysis.

If you have had an opportunity to interact with Jayton, you will quickly see that he is an excellent person who works hard. He worked his way through engineering school and avoided any debt. Upon graduation he helped build hotels as a superintendent with a construction company for 3 years. The hands-on field experience has served him well.

He joined Meadows Analysis after getting married and has done a wonderful job as a lead engineer. We have enjoyed his creativity and commitment to excellent work for our clients.

He is a technical expert in AutoDesk’s Inventor, among other programs, and had helped to automate CAD projects. For example, some of our repeatable airport bridge designs and analyses had turn times reduced from some creative programming in our CAD and analysis programs. Jayton found innovative ways to make job completion efficient using a 3D array concept with associativity that went down to fabrication drawings.

This has allowed our clients to budget for fixed pricing from the design predictability we were able to implement. It makes our processes and approach more scalable and streamlined.

Congrats, Jayton!

So if you see Jayton’s stamp come across some of the work we do for you, be sure to congratulate him. We are excited for his accomplishment and joining the ranks of the many other PE’s that have the public’s trust and excited to have him on board in the leadership of our company.

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