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Oilfield equipment involves heavy machinery, structures and many failure point opportunities. The setup has a lot of uniformity for job sites, but they require engineering work to analyze and safety check the various structures.

The large towers that have to stand and resist wind loads can often be supported with guy wires that are angled and spread over a large area. But that may be restrictive and undesirable for many job sites. The alternative is to use a base beam to support towers in the oilfield.

Base beams have to be transported and designed in a way to fit on a truck trailer bed over long distances. Then those base beams have to have the flex, material strength and stiffness to meet API requirements. We have various engineering requirements to meet hook loads of 160 tons for supporting structures.

We design, analyze and certify these engineering problems for safety, performance and fabrication optimization.

We use our FEA engineering tools along with various numerical optimization tools we have developed over the years and many projects to facilitate the design and requirements of oilfield jobs.

When you drive by oil fields, consider the reliability and continuous operations that have to be maintained. We contribute to the safety, operations and optimization of the functional and support machinery out there using our FEA and engineering certification approaches.

Do you have custom structures that need design and engineering analysis?

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