We got some great news recently! We started the process of patenting the Gangline restraint system in May of 2012. We were successful in March of 2015 when we were awarded our latest patent. We have shown the system in previous blogs, but in this article we would like to describe the process of obtaining a patent.

Of course, it begins with an idea to solve a problem. We hired a patent agent to do a patent search to make sure we did not infringe on another patent with our idea of restraint. The patent search can also validate the uniqueness necessary to get a patent of your own.

Unless you are extremely familiar with what is state of the art and how patents work, you should hire the patent agent and get this search done.

Our next step was to retain a patent attorney. There are patent agents also. There will need to be drawings made if the patent requires that type of description and these are typically done by specialists in patent drawing.

The examiner may suggest some changes in your wording to clarify the patent, or like ours, to make two different patents. (the other is pending).

While it is a rigorous process, the rewards of having intellectual property protected so we can monetize in the marketplace is well worth it.

We have participated in other people’s ideas as well that have inventions and ideas they want to protect. We provide the engineering drawings and certifications as part of the patent process.

What ideas have you been thinking about patenting?

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