Jobs are not alway necessarily one and done. Our fabrication, assembly and implementation requires refinements, tweaks and ongoing support.

We are onsite today improving some of the design aspects of the Panasonic videoboard at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium that we implemented.

In addition to inspecting and ensuring the board moves dynamically through its range of motion, we are also adding additional safety factors with 14 mm sensors.

It’s a busy week with high school playoff games and a Cowboys game this weekend. Our engineering and assembly teams are moving quickly to ensure there’s a quality product ready to go.

We are often required to partner with our engineering clients for improvements and support. It’s a part of our projects that we take seriously since many of our relationships extend over years.

Seeing how assemblies perform in the real world is part of our own continuous improvement and feedback for our mechanical engineering competency.

What kinds of designs are you seeking to continually improve?

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