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The traditional form of engineering can cost you a huge amount of money. Suffering through redesigns and wait time can be a death sentence for manufacturing.

Concurrent engineering may be the boost in efficiency you need to save that wasted money.

Are you interested in a new way to design? If so, read on for everything you need to know!

The Power of Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent engineering is a simple concept. The idea is to have all stages of design working at once. This ranges from concept artists to testers. All participants in the design process work at the same time.

When a problem in the design process comes about, no one is too far ahead in their work to change course.

If a tester finds an idea will be too difficult to manufacture, the concept designers can tweak the product before they even finish a prototype.

This whole process can, when done right, save time, money, and frustration.

Speed From Start to Finish

The speed it takes for a product to reach the market can make or break any company. A released product that is already out of date wastes a lot of money.

Concurrent engineering can bypass this problem in a very simple way. By removing any wait time between each design segment, you speed up the entire process.

The prototype makers have to wait for the concept design. The testers then have to wait for the prototypes. Each group waits their turn, but with concurrent engineering, no one waits.

Catching Mistakes

When concurrent engineering was first developed a few decades ago, it had a very simple idea. If you have the designers and the engineers in the same room, working together, you can catch many production mistakes before they happen.

If a design looks to be too hard to manufacture, it is best to catch it early in development.

By having the engineers that will be manufacturing the product work with the concept designers, they can point out flaws before they become flaws.

You save a lot of wasted time, effort, and money by not having to bounce back and forth between engineering and design.

A Bump in Productivity

Not using concurrent engineering wastes time. You could use this time in a thousand different ways.

Concurrent engineering makes the best use out of all your employees times. By working together, projects will get done faster.

Faster projects will lead to more projects. More projects under concurrent engineering will make your production skyrocket.

Will It Work for You?

Concurrent engineering can be a savior of production, but it is not without its problems. How do you get everyone working well together all at once?

Communication is the key. In this age of technology, most engineering is digital. Keeping an open log between engineering, design, and manufacturing allows for quick and easy communication.

With a strong system for communication, the errors you catch get to where they need to go in seconds. Don’t spend too much time backtracking and sorting through information. If you do, then you lose the speed of concurrent engineering.

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