Q. What if we have in-house engineering?

A. You are the expert in your field! We help by bringing other tools to the table and a large portfolio of successful designs from our vast background of experience in other fields. We integrate this expertise and cross-apply knowledge and technology to your unique problem.  Furthermore, our assistance can free your internal staff to focus on projects which do not lend themselves to engineering outsourcing.

Q. Is outsourced engineering expensive?

Consider the calculations from a survey of 700 members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Respondents to the survey question “What percentage of time do you spend at work doing tasks that require an Engineering education?” replied on average about 35%. We do full-time engineering only as specialists 100% of the time for you. If this percentage is what is applied to do what you hired the engineer for, then you are paying 3X for that expertise when your employee is actually doing engineering.  As an example, let’s use a $90k salary over a 2000 hour year including 1/3 benefits for a $120k compensation, package. At an engineering pay rate of $60 per hour for someone applying engineering 35% of the time, the effective rate is $171/hour!

Q. What are the benefits of hiring Meadows Analysis & Design rather than an engineer full-time?

We work per project as required. We help you define what is required, provide a price and deliver it. At the end, we finished. You can control your costs and budget this way without added full-time overhead carrying costs.

Q. What engineering software do you design and analyze in?

We design in SolidWorks and AutoDesk engineering software products.

Q. When we hire you, do we own all the solid models, drawings and intellectual property?

Yes, that is standard in our delivery. You own all models and information. We simply do engineering. We design and analyze for you.

Q. Do you provide fabrication and assembly of the designs we receive?

We provide engineering design and analysis. We can assist where required for fabrication as you need, but we do not fabricate. We have worked with many fabricators, machine shops and manufacturers over the years.

Q. We have a team of controls, software, and electrical engineers.  What is your typical process for including the requirements from these disciplines into your designs?

We collaborate within the context of your project management and leading to deliver your required mechanical designs. We have worked with controls, software and electrical firms and seek to be a team player.

Q. What are the deliverables at the conclusion of an engineering design project?

We deliver assembly models, assembly drawings, full sets of fabrication drawings, and complete part models for engineering design projects.

Q. How do you handle revisions, updates and engineering change requests?

We expect design changes and iterations. We refine 2x after final designs are delivered. If there are requests by you that would require entirely new work or a much broader scope than agreed to, we would let you know and provide a new scope of work.

Q. How is your team structured to provide engineering services?

We have a team of engineers and draftsmen to work on your designs. Our engineering manager oversees requirements and deliverables and communicates with clients ongoing through the project to ensure clarity and delivery of requested work.

Q. Do you provide ongoing engineering services to companies that do not want a full-time in-house engineering team?

Yes, we can set up a Master Service Agreement designed for your company and our engineering firm. This may be desirable especially for P.E. stamps on engineering work where Meadows Analysis would be required to be the engineer on record.

Q. Are you certified for engineering services towards trailer manufacturing with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements?

We have DCE experience in 412, 407, and 409.  We are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT).

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