what is mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a tremendous career field. Did you know that the number of mechanical engineers is projected to grow by 9 percent over the next 7 years? This rate is much faster than the national average.

The demand for mechanical engineers is driven by the job’s importance. Mechanical engineers design some of the world’s most crucial machines such as engines and air conditioners.

Are you wondering what is mechanical engineering? Read on for a comprehensive guide to the career field and how engineering services can work for you.

What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers are behind the design and manufacture of many items. It starts off with small parts and components like sensors, valves, or hand tools.

Small parts and components, however, play a larger role in the mechanical engineer’s grand vision. These kinds of items are then integrated into a larger system, such as a passenger loading bridge.

The number of different products or systems created by mechanical engineers is endless. They are critical to humankind as they design and manufacture new technologies to meet the world’s needs.

Mechanical engineers use many skills to perform the job. These skills include a mastery of physics, advanced mathematics, and problem-solving. Their brains are wired for complex analysis and innovation.

How Can Engineering Services Work for You?

One prime example of engineering services is finite element analysis (FEA). FEA is a method of analyzing stress using 3D modeling and fabrication drawings.

There are several other types of FEA projects that mechanical engineers perform. Some of these projects include engineering seismic and fluid dynamic calculations. Other examples are sheet metal design and thermal engineering analysis.

Mechanical engineers use FEA to validate the design of various products. For example, FEA is used to certify lift cranes. In some cases, the engineering analysis allowed for increased load conditions.

Another service provided is predicting failure rates. This is achieved using fatigue analysis on high failure items like oscillating pistons or rotating pins.

One final example is the analysis of airport bridges and support columns. Ensuring that these items are stable and performing is critical for human safety. Mechanical engineers conduct simulations and stress analysis to validate structural integrity.

What Are the Benefits of Using Engineering Services?

Often, large corporations turn to small engineering companies for support. One of the primary reasons is to reduce operating expenses. Instead of hiring a full resource, engineers work on a per-project basis.

Another benefit is the delivery of all models and technical data at the project’s conclusion. This means that none of the intellectual property is retained. Acquiring technical data rights is a big bonus after receiving the design analysis.

A Recap of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a crucial service that delivers valuable contributions to the world. Engineering services lead to quality of life improvements and ensure public safety.

From design and manufacture to design validation, the mechanical engineering field is critical. If you are still wondering what is mechanical engineering, contact us to learn more.

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